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miniclass: Learn loose watercolor

I absolutely love watercolor and taking things slow. Not snail slow, but you know relaxed and in tune with nature slow.

hey! i'm camilla!

Slow living
Line and wash


Mixed media
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Are you scared of this as much as I am? Silence seems harmless but why on earth do we hang out with it so rarely? After all, silence can help prevent stress and help us get a bigger understanding of our own thoughts. And as artists we have a shortcut!

3 tips to use silence to hear your thoughts

Slow living

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If you are anything like me, you are kind of loving art supplies – like a lot! If you see a pretty brush, a new type of paper or a color you just need to have – you get it. I am right there with you. But I bet at some point you feel the clutter t

5 tips on decluttering your arts and craft supplies

Slow living

Slowliving watercolor woman helping woman all over the globe to use watercolor to free themself.