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I help women all around the globe to get comfortable with watercolor so they can use this incredible medium to make their own creative free space.

Hi! I'm Camilla and i am madly in love with watercolor (and flowers)

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I am so thrilled that you are here! I am the woman behind the brush and the teacher behind the courses and the upcoming book.
I live far out in the country with hubby, 2 sweet kids and the funniest and most crazy cats.
A few years back I made the decision to move from the busy Copenhagen and go back to my hometown in the country.

Everybody is taking it slower and I never looked back.
Somehow watercolor found me along the way and has been my guide through stress, tough pregnancies, unemployment, and more.
Watercolor and nature is the way I turn to recharge and fill up on energy, and I want to help you do the same - it's wonderful!

about Camilla – Librarian turned artist, cool mom, treehugger and expert napper.

I know you are super busy with work, laundry, picking up toys, cooking and cleaning. But when was the last time you actually took time just for you? Not hours and hours, just 20 min. Just you. 

You might consider yoga or meditation when thinking about inner peace. But you can actually get a lot of the same benefits by picking up a brush (and then you even get to create beautiful things as well!).

Painting actually make you calmer, more present and aware so you can be better woman, mom and wife.

Just a few minutes a day?

Do you put yourself first?

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Are you looking for weekly inspiration? And maybe even a friend to paint along with? Then I am opening up my studio every week on patreon. Every week you can tune in to get inspo and creative motivation - unedited.

Join me in my studio

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Right now there are actually quite a few options lined up for you.
If you want to the Lux version, go for my online courses. They are mostly selfpaced and with lifetime access.
You can also find me on Youtube, Facebook and instagram. where I do lives, challenges, paintalongs and so much more. It's like crazy fun to see art from all over the world on the great SOME I love it!. 

do you want to give yourself a creative break?

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Do you tend to stare at the white paper without knowing how to get started? Well no more girl! 
I have made a small (15min) video with 3 easy steps to get started even before picking up a brush!

3 tips to prepare your Loose Masterpiece

beginner masterclass

A few of my courses

Are you at the beginning of your watercolour journey or just want a refresh on your techniques, this is where you start.

Are you ready to create stunning florals in 15min all while you wait for the potatoes to boil?

flowers in line and wash

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On dec 20th I released my first book into the world!!! Wuhuu! It's all about Ink and Wash florals and I hope you will love it!

Book Ink and wash florals

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From beginner courses to more advanced loose florals and watercolor landscapes - I got you covered!
Jump in here to see a range of my online courses and find the one that is perfect for you.

Online courses

Carolyn P.

"This course brought me back to painting again.
I had been blocked for months, in part because I felt everything I did had to be "perfect."
Your class reminded me that a painting can be simple yet beautiful and to take joy in the process not just the finished result."

This course brought me back to painting again.


"I was uncertain about signing up for this course. I am detailed oriented. Loose scared me, this was out of my comfort zone. However, I am happy I signed up. I learned so much and had fun.
 I learned how to not control the color in water and let it do its thing. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn how to let the paint flow and create something beautiful from there. How to let go of so much detail and learn less is more

Loose scared me, this was out of my comfortzone.

Melany V.

Before the course I was afraid I wasn’t advance enough to get the assignments done, but the lessons are so well explained and easy to follow that it makes it so fun to do, you even want to paint them more than once. It has made me fall in love even more of loose watercolors, be more confident about my artwork and silence my inner critique. I haven’t found any other Artist/Teacher that gives and shares all the secrets and tips of her gifts with all that kindness, grace, sweetness and passion as you do.

I was afraid i wasn't advanced enough

Gaila H.

"Great course! I'm amazed at how it helped me get over my back off on drawing. It was wonderful having you involved with us along the way rather than just taking an online course with no interaction from the instructor. Even though we are following your direction, everyone is free to paint their style. As the course progressed, we all improved and changed using the techniques we learned.  

everyone is free to paint their style.

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The Art

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As so many other artist I share my proces on Youtube. And you are more than welcome over there. It's a ton of fun I promise.

The youtube Channel

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Slowliving watercolor woman helping woman all over the globe to use watercolor to free themself.