Meet Camilla


I live in the country with cats, chicks, hubby and the two cutest kids you can imagine (especially if they know you are looking). 
a few years ago watercolor choose me, not the other way around. And since you are here, you might just want to hear the tale.

I'm a slowliving Watercolor Woman with a passion for watercolor, flowers and enjoying the moment.

Hi, I'm Camilla welcome to my spot on the internet

I'm your friend on the other side of the world and I would love to hear your story too. How did watercolor shape you?

Back in 2016 I was down with stress. My entire body said a great big no. That was when I discovered that hidden box of supplies that was tucked under my sofa. This box helped me so much and I slowly started to paint my way back to life.

After this we made a decision - a decision to live slower. So we moved from the big city with drunk singing people outside our windows to the country with an Owl living in the garden.

I was pregnant with my babygirl Agnes and 4 months before birth the doctors told me to sit still. Like not even gardening(!)

I panicked and started searching for answers, looking for jobs, anything really. And at the end of the day I got tired. I sat down, and found my brushes, paint and paper.

Once again Watercolor helped me stay sane.

After birth watercolor helped me through sleepless nights and unemployment. Watercolor had somehow chosen me, and I am forever grateful!

How watercolor chose me

but why flowers?
(you might ask)

I come from a home with flowers all around. My parents always spend the seasons in the garden, tending all the beautiful blooms. Somehow I always found my way back to flowers and wanted to be a florist for sevearl years.

But somehow through artI finally found a way to show my true appriciation for flowers. Showing the different blooms and how they look throughout the seasons. They are so beautiful in their early stages as well in the end of fall. 

wine and tea


local plant shop






Art is without a doubt in my mind the best way for me to relax, recharge and heal. All things I need in a world looking rather gloomy at the moment.
And I have a feeling that you know what I am talking about.
I would love to help you make your own creative space too.

I helped 1000's of women already through online courses, real life workshops, liveworkshop on facebook and instagram and soon also a book. 
So if you ever need a friend on the other side of the world I am always here for you.

I know how it feels to need watercolor, and i can help you find it too.

I'd love to take the first step with you →

And it would be an honor to help you on your way as your guide and friend on the other side of the world.

I believe you can create your own creative space in your busy life

I would love this! →

Free 5 step guide to create lines with life and movement. That means no more feeling like your sketch looks overworked and cartoony and how great is that!? picking up a brush!

Breathe life into your floral sketch

Slowliving watercolor woman helping woman all over the globe to use watercolor to free themself.