miniclass: Learn loose watercolor

I absolutely love watercolor and taking things slow. Not snail slow, but you know relaxed and in tune with nature slow.

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Which course is perfect for you?

Are you a beginner in watercolor? Do you love florals? Are you feeling creatively stuck and in need of a pick me up? Whatever you are looking for I might just have the perfect thing for you. I have been teaching students all over the globe for a few years and there is quite a few courses to choose between. So I thought I’d help you out with an overview.

If you are more of the visual kind, I made a video for you as well. You can see that right here or just scroll down to the list of courses.

Basic courses

  • Beginner Masterclass: The beginner Masterclass is perfect if you are in need of the basic tools to master watercolor. I cover techniques as well as the entire journey from reference to final painting.

Diving into Loose florals

  • Loose Floral Masterclass: This is my most popular course and it guides you all the steps you need to paint impressive loose floral pieces!
  • Less is more: This course is all about creating big impact with very little. Also you learn to paint Cotton Flowers in loose watercolor.
  • Modern Anemones: In this course you learn to sketch anemonies in pencil and fineliner and afterwards creating and impressive background wash to make the white flowers stand out.

Diving into Flowers in line and wash

  • Flowers in watercolor and ink: This is also one of my top courses. It’s the perfect entrance to watercolor and ink flowers and covers all the basics you need to master this style.
  • 5 Flowers in watercolor and ink: The perfect next step after you watched Flowers in Watercolor and Ink. But it can totally stand on its own and you learn 5 new flowers in this style! Love it!

Tools and technique courses

Slowliving watercolor woman helping woman all over the globe to use watercolor to free themself.