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I absolutely love watercolor and taking things slow. Not snail slow, but you know relaxed and in tune with nature slow.

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Sketch a Crocus in Line and Wash

Are you also a sucker for spring blooms? Then I’m right there with you! I love Snowdrops, Daffies, and of course Crocus. And I really wanted to share some of that love with you! So here you have a real-time video including me talking your ear off. At least no cats are jumping on the table in this video so I guess that is some kind of win right.

I thought I’d just sum up the most important points from the video here below.

Start with a pencilsketch.

It’s always good to start out by drawing your layout in pencil first and as long as you erase it before adding paint, you are good. Just make sure not to erase too hard so you risk ruining the paper.

Different textures

When you look at your flower you will notice different textures. The leaves a long, sleek, and pointy, the petals are soft and smooth and the bulb is almost like bark. Use your fineliner to show the textures with the lines or you can use the watercolor wash for this. Then the most important thing is actually how you use the white space.

Placing your inklines

One of the hardest things in line and wash is to place the inklines in the right spot. Because as you know, it can’t be erased. So it has to go pretty well on the first try. You can check out this blogpost to read more about placing the lines in the drawing.

Giving your flower an organic flow

Unless you are going to draw a cartoon I recommend you think about working fast when doing your outlines. This will cause your outlines to be less perfect, and that is just actually in itself perfect.

If you want to get into even more detail on how to draw lines that look organic and natural, make sure to grab my Quick guide Breath life into your florals.


In the tutorial posted on Youtube I used these supplies:

  • Mossery sketchbook
  • 2B pencil with an eraser
  • Fineliners size 01 and 03 from Staedtler and Micron
  • Brush size 5. It’s round and synthetic and then it has a very useful pointy tip
  • Carbazole Violet (Daniel Smith)
  • SAP Green (Daniel Smith)
  • New Gamboge (Daniel Smith)
  • Van Dyke Brown (Daniel Smith)

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