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From time to time you can meet me in real life sharing my passion and helping creative women like yourself to find (and keep) their own creative free space filled with colors, flowers and art (it't btw the best place on earth).

Workshops in the Wild


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For 2022 I am also working on setting up one (or more) art retreats. Besides from creating, painting, laughing and just having a blast, we are also going to explore how to make relaxation and creativity a part of a busy life style.

Art retreats

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I'm working on setting up workshops for 2022, so follow here if you want to know as soon as I have workshop coming up. These workshops are usually short, one day workshops focused on a single subject like Loose Florals, Creatiing your creative space or Landscapes.

Smaller workshops

+ You can ask all the questions you like
+ You can see the process and practise it right away
+ You'll meet other creatives just like you!
+ It's like a 3d version of online courses(!) you can see from all angles
+ You get to meet the big cheese (yours truly)

I know I know, it might be obvious, but nontheless I am going to do a really cool bulletpoint list for you. So if you join me in real life, you'll get the VIP perks listed here:

Why real life is kind of incredible

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Slowliving watercolor woman helping woman all over the globe to use watercolor to free themself.