What I use


Supplies list


Round Synthetic brushes (that act like natural hair) from Betty Hayways. I use sizes 4-12.
Round Synthetic Brushes from Zytang Art
Round Natural Hair Brush size 8 from Da Vinci - Maestro 


French Ultramarine
Phtalo Blue (Green Shade)
Mayan Blue
SAP Green
Jadite Genuine
Burnt Umber
Van Dyke Brown
Piementite Genuine
Amathyst Genuine
Rhodononite Genuine
Pyrrol Scarlet
Carbazole Violet
Quinacrodone Rose
Quinacrodone Sienna
New Gamboge
Hansa Yellow Light
Hematite Genuine
Buff Titanium
Paynes Grey
Neutral Tint

Daniel Smith


Quick sketches and everyday paintings:
300gsm Cold Press Cellulose Paper from Canson Montval

Fancy Cotton Paper:
300gsm Cold Press Canson Heritage (I mostly use this)
300gsm Hot Press Canson Heritage
300gsm Rough Canson Heritage

Watercolor Sketchbooks
A4 Sketchbook from Hahnemuhle with Watercolor Paper 200gsm
A5 Sketchbooks from Moleskin

stuff for drawing

Fineliners from Staedtler and Micron
Bruynzeel Pencils
Eraser from Faber Castell

stuff for painting

Cheramics Palette
Water Mist Spray
Metal Artist Watercolor Box
Empty Pans for Tube Paints
Masking Fluid from Winsor and Newton