Sketch beautiful birdies, bugs and florals for your garden in line and wash!

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On april 23rd my 2nd book "Ink and wash in the garden" will launch!

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    When you say garden you also say butterflies and bugs. In my opponion the butterflies act as poetic flying flowers and along with the other colorful little animals they bring the garden life, movement and color.

    11 butterflies, Bumblebees and other cute bugs

    Here in the book you will learn 14 different birds in many different styles of Ink and wash. All the way from the small Bluebird to the mythical Raven you will learn to create vibrant and personal birdies for your garden sketches.

    14 Garden birdies in ink and wash


    Releasedate in US and Canada is april 23th 2024. If you are placed anywhere else in the world it might take longer though (But I promise its worth the wait)

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    releasedate april 23th 2024

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    Fun things are going to happen in the months leading up to the release. Seriously I cant wait! It's going to be a monthlong celebration!

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    While you read along and do the excercises you also dive into a style that embraces imperfections, proces and intution. It's a great starting point to develop your skills as an artist.

    You develop your skills organicly while you work your way through the projects. You learn something new every time.

    14 birdies in ink and wash ranging from cute little garden friends to mystical Ravens and grumpy Blackbirds and 11 Butterflies, Bumblebees and other cute bugs to pair with your floral sketches.

    This book is perfect for everybody wanting to try their hand with animals (and flowers) in line and wash. Wether you are a complete beginner or an artist in line or watercolor you can learn something new in this book.

    In this book you get:

    Slowliving watercolor woman helping woman all over the globe to use watercolor to free themself.