Learn to sketch incredible florals in line and wash!

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When you master the art of sketching one flower, next step is to gather their friends. So I included 5 projects with different types of compositions for you to try.

5 harmonious compositions

In this book you will go from the simple Daisy all the way to complicated flowers like roses and Peonies. I know it might sound a bit scary but I promise you it's not as hard as it sounds and it's super fun at the same time!

17 flowers in line and wash

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Releasedate in US and Canada was Dec 20th. If you are placed anywhere else in the world it might take longer though (But I promise its worth the wait)

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releasedate dec 20th 2022:

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While you read along and do the excercises you also dive into a style that embraces imperfections, proces and intution. It's a great starting point develop your skills as an artist.

You develop your skills organicly while you work your way through the projects. You learn something new every time.

22 impressive floral projects covering single flowers as well as bigger compositions. 

This book is perfect for everybody wanting to try their hand with line and wash. Wether you are a complete beginner or an artist in line or watercolor you can learn something new in this book.

In this book you get:

Peggy Dean - Bestselling Author and creator of The Pigeon Letter

Camilla’s instruction to create beautiful flowers is more than a guide—it’s permission to loosen up and play in the wild nature of earth’s organic gifts, brought to paper in a whimsical form. Like poetry in ink and paint, you will embark on a journey with approachable, easy to follow steps that lead to freedom to explore and welcomed self expression.

loosen up and play in the wild nature of earth's organic gifts

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Becca Bossbabe at the Happy Ever Crafter

"Camilla has such a unique and refreshing style– if you've been looking to push yourself and experiment with new techniques, this is a great place to start! The step-by-step instructions are super helpful, and it's like two skills in one– learning how to illustrate flowers in ink, and also learning how to paint them in watercolor! So much fun!"

It's like 2 skills in one!

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Angela Fehr

Watercolor painting should be a relaxing meditation on beauty, and "Ink & Wash Flowers" reminds the artist of this on every page. Readers will fall into the simple joy of exploring color, shape and line as they follow along with Camilla's step by step approach to create beautiful washes of watercolor over ink

Readers will fall into the simple joy of exploring color, shape and line

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Jenna Rainey - Bestselling Author, artist and Boss Babe extraordinaire

"I love Camilla's use of combining ink and watercolor. This book is full of helpful techniques and is a beautiful way to learn sketching and integrating watercolor and ink!"


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