First, make yourself a cup of tea and then come join me in the Studio. This is the place for you to go every time you want a creative boost, a small laugh and a painting friend. I invite you into my studio right here in the Danish countryside and we are going to have so much fun (I have excursions planned and everything)!

Welcome in the Studio!

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When watching youtube videos or online courses you very often get a very edited and rehearsed version of the teacher. We do that of course to make it as clear and precise as possible. 
But you miss something.

When creating is not rehearsed you get the real messy creative proces. This is where the ideas land and art appears.
In the garden studio you are not getting the teacher, but the artist learning one painting at a time and sharing it with you.

Learn alongside with me

Available to all tiers (Daisy and Poppy)

Exlusive to the Poppy Tier

Please come in and say hello to the cats. And bring along your brushes because we are going to have fun together.

In this tier you will get 1 prerecorded video each and every month. It will be in the studio or wherever I paint on that day. you will also get the reference I have been using as well as the final painting or sketch to look at.

Included in the tier:
- 1 vlog per month
- Reference pictures

the daisy tier

You look absolutely amazing today in your creative mindset. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your art. Are you ready to get weekly inspiration from the studio, garden, forest, or wherever the brushes guide us? We are going to be painting besties and I can't wait to invite you in!

in bullet points you will get all of this in the Poppy tier:

- 4 studio vlogs per month (!) wuhuu!
- Reference photos
- Getting your questions answered during the studio vlogs
- Discounts on online courses

the poppy tier

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